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Design advantages

 1  Special design of jointed attachment points compensates obliquity angle of ± 7 degrees and keeps the damper functional, also making installation of the damper easier.

 2  The piston is made with unique chromium coating technology which provides the highest corrosion resistance- up to 1000 hours of salt spray exposure (in accordance with ISO 9227), which significantly enhances operating ability of the products.

 3  The valve-and-restrictor arrangement allows force changing within a wide range (β within 50–350 kN*s/m) due to innovative regulation mechanism without design change of the damper.

 4  The materials and special design of sealing provide high hermiticity and low friction coefficient for the components, enhancing endurance of the components and allows to exclude deterioration of operational characteristics with prolonged usage of the damper.

 5  Innovative design allows to operate in closed cycle and to quickly and efficiently extract the heat generated in the process of the hydro damper work, hence damping vibrations in the most efficient way.

 6  The hydro damper components are made with implementation of both innovative and traditional technologies (laser welding and weldup, grinding and honing, ion-plasma nitriding), which allow production of components of the highest quality and guarantee their characteristics stability within 3 years.

 7  All components and working fluids implemented in the hydro damper ensure effective functionality in the temperature range of -60 to +60 °C.