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Today, railway transport may not be effective unless the efforts are continuously made to make transportation faster and safer. Reliable damping of dynamic vibrations that take place underway is one of the most relevant factors in such efforts. Those vibrations feature various frequency spectra and have very adverse effect on the railway vehicles, rail tracks and people. Effective damping of such vibrations makes transportation fast and safe and extends life of the railway equipment and vehicles.

Implication of the damping systems by the R&D Center «TECHINDUSTRY» allows to increase the lifetime of the track and transport facilities both in the existing and in the newly created parks.

The damper developed by specialists of the R&D Center «TECHINDUSTRY» meets all the modern requirements for high-speed traffic safety. Additionally its implementation will allow to significantly enhance safety and comfort of passenger and cargo transportation while significantly increasing its profitability.

The dampers comparison characteristics

Dampers characteristics

Standard mechanisms



15 years

25 years

Mileage before repair

Up to 200 thousands km 

1 m. km 

No-failure operating time (guarantee) without repair

0.2–0.5 years

3 years

Dampened frequencies range

0~2 Hz 

0~15 Hz 

Maximum train speed (km/h)

Up to 140


Operating temperatures range

From -40ºС to +40ºС 

From -60ºС to +60ºС 

Minimization of the vibrations harmful for human in the range of 4–8 Hz 


Significant transportation safety enhancement in the range up to 10 Hz 


Horizontal placement capability


Safety and comfort


Smoothness of running