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About the company

The «TECHINDUSTRY» Company has been established in the middle of the nineties. At that moment railway specialists, on the level of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation faced the challenge of creating principally new hydraulic shock absorbers. The specialists of the R&D Center «TECHINDUSTRY» started to develop a new generation dampers based on the Requirements specifications approved by the Ministry of Communications.

As a result, there was developed and fine-tuned a basic design of hydrodamper, that became a foundation for damping systems of all kinds of the railway transport. In the process of development the hydro damper operation mode was revised, new schematic and design solutions applied, unique materials and technologies utilized. It allowed to fully meet the requirements and achieve the highest technical characteristics of the hydraulic dampers. The product has passed all kinds of testing, was certified and the design solutions were patented.

As of today, the R&D Center «TECHINDUSTRY» is a leading developer and manufacturer of dampers and damping systems for different types of transport. The characteristics and figures of our products exceed those for existing analogues on both domestic and international markets. We have our own production center and continuously perform scientific researches that allow us to stay in the leading position.

As of now we have developed damping systems for passenger cars, locomotives, freight cars and transit vehicles, industrial hydraulic dampers — for buildings and constructions. And also we developed a complex automation system to enhance safety and efficacy of transport facilities. Our further developments include hydrodampers for heavy haulers, special transport and military transport.

Hydraulic dampers fabricated by «TECHINDUSTRY» are supplied to nearly all the Russian railways for the use in existing railway vehicles, as well as to the leading rail car building and repair plants.